Hurley’s Handouts - Lost - Michael Giacchino

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ArtistMichael Giacchino
TitleHurley's Handouts
AlbumLost Soundtrack Season 2
Album Art

Walkaway - Meet Joe Black - Thomas Newman

If your heart is ever heavy this is the score for you. 

ArtistThomas Newman
AlbumMeet Joe Black
Album Art

The Kiss - Eclipse - Howard Shore

Whether you like the Twilight movies or not, the build up in this score is unbelievable. Shore truly understands how to use string instruments to propel a piece. This melody is brilliant. 

ArtistHoward Shore
TitleThe Kiss
Album Art

Flying Forward In Time - We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story - James Horner

For some of you this will give you the most beautiful nostalgia. I grew up on this movie. Years later when I came across this piece, I bursted out in tears, not only because of the exquisite beauty of the song, but because of the fond memories that came with it. 

ArtistJames Horner
TitleFlying Forward In Time
AlbumWe're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
Album Art

Flow Like Water - The Last Airbender - James Newton Howard 

This movie was horrible in my opinion. However, the music was extraordinary. This is just another reason as to why Howard will always remain my favorite composer. 
This is one of those compositions you have to listen to till the end.

ArtistJames Newton Howard
TitleFlow Like Water
AlbumThe Last Airbender (Music from the Motion Picture)
Album Art

Farewell To Dobby - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Alexandre Desplat

ArtistAlexandre Desplat
TitleFarewell To Dobby
AlbumHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Time - Inception - Hans Zimmer

Album Art

Sam’s Gone - James Newton Howard - I Am Legend

It is only right that this is the first score that I post. This is my favorite piece of music that has even been written. It is the most beautifully written score that I have ever heard. I will talk about it a lot, and refer to it constantly. And I feel I should tell you all now, that James Newton Howard is by far my favorite composer of all time.

ArtistJames Newton Howard
TitleSam's Gone
AlbumI Am Legend (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)